What is pubscout?

We've all been there. You're out in a new area on a Friday night and it's ticking on to 11pm. You hear the dreaded last orders and you panic because your choices are to wander aimlessly in hope or go home.

Pub Scout finds your current location (from a mobile or desktop) and tells you what's open, what's on and tells you about any features you may be interested in.

Because venues can update the information themselves, you can always keep up to date, whether it's your local or your favourite pub in the Lake District, and choose to get updates directly from them.

Why does pubscout want to know my location?

We'd like to know your location so we can give a more accurate overview of what's around you. You don't have to give your location, of course, and we'll find an approximate location of where you are instead.

My location isn't accurate. How do I find my exact location?

Click the 'Locate Me' button (the one that looks like a GPS icon) to let us try and find you again. If it's still not right, click the compass button and you'll be able to enter your current location or (for more accurate results) your postcode. This will be stored as your current location.

Tip: To get back to your current location, just click the home button no matter which page you're on.

How do I search for things?

You can find what you're looking for by typing any related searches in the search bar at the top right. For example, if you wanted to find a riverside pub in Richmond, just type in riverside Richmond, or for a pub quiz on Monday in W1, just type pub quiz Monday W1. It's as simple as that.

What is Something Special?

Something Special is that place you'd go an extra mile to get to, somewhere out of the ordinary, whether historic, architecturally different, a superb pub or anything else. To find out more about Something Special, click here.

The information on the site isn't quite accurate. Can I let you know?

We really appreciate feedback, particularly if there's something not quite right with our infomration.

You can click on the feedback link at the bottom of the page. If you'd like to give some feedback now, click here.

Why can't I see my local pub?

We're trying to get all the pubs in the UK on our database; it's a massive job and though we want to be quicker, we'd rather be accurate.

Please bear with us and we should have it up shortly. If you want it up sooner, enter the name and town below and we'll do our best to push it up the list.

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